About Malas Health Care



MALAS HEALTHCARE FZ-LLC; Middle East was established in Dubai Science Park - Dubai; for the purpose of handling an entire block of business for Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare Products and Medical Supply; supporting agents and distributers in this region, which is noted for its unique political, social, and economicl environment.


Many foreign and international companies find it difficult and impractical both logistically and financially to access and reach the markets in the Middle East as their strategic focus is elsewhere in the world.


MALAS HEALTHCARE FZ-LLC; fills this gap by connecting such companies to the Gulf and Middle East, MALAS HEALTHCARE’s strengths include a team of professionals who speak the language of this region, know the markets and enjoy strong local partnerships, credibility, and links with the key healthcare partners in the Gulf, Middle East and Levant region.


MALAS HEALTHCARE; identifies innovative Biotechnology Pharmaceutical products from around the world specially approved by FDA and EMEA and introduces them to the region by identifying local partners and agents.


MALAS HEALTHCARE FZ-LLC; focuses on products where we can compete and win only by quality, service, and value.

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